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Appalachian States Analytical (ASA) serves to assists our clients by meeting their regulatory requirements and by ensuring that they are sending out a finished product that is protective of public health.

From the very first day of business, ASA developed a Customer First service approach. It is the secret to our success. Customer First is more than being friendly and knowing customers by name. Our aim is for our customers to have complete confidence that we will handle all current and future laboratory needs, so they can spend their resources, time and focus on their core business.

A Customer First operation provides all of the following:

1. Accuracy & Timeliness with analysis and reports. Only through a rigorous QC/QA program can a lab assure the integrity and defensibility of the analytical data. The program must include:

A. Calibration of good Equipment

B. Quality Control Testing & Proficiency Testing Programs

C. Data Review – Spotting Issues and doing Trend Analysis

D. Reporting and Documentation

E. Internal and External Audits & Reviews

2. Provide the lowest cost to the customer using the latest instrumentation and automation. ASA is one of the best, if not the best, equipped laboratories in the region. ASA has invested millions in new testing equipment. Every year, ASA budgets for new equipment.

3. Provide customers complete transparency of all lab activities, from sampling to the final report. We micromanage each account. We micromanage every small laboratory detail so you don’t have to. For our many small customers, we are their QC officer. We handle all aspects of the business. For larger customers we work hand in hand with their QC officers. Again, we scrutinize every details, micromanaging, so our customers can focus on their core business.

4. Dedication to Improvement. As industries change our services and roles can change. So, we continue to find better, more efficient and cost effective ways to serve our customers. We provide continuing education for our employees and provide opportunities for them to improve and grow. The ASA staff is our greatest asset.

5. Keep up with regulations & educate clients on regulatory trends. Political and regulations change faster than industry. We keep up to date on all issues that affect environmental monitoring.

6. Of course, responding immediately to all customer needs. Emergencies can happen after 5 PM, so we strive to provide service whenever we are needed. We are available past 5 o’clock when most labs shut their doors. ASA is one of the only labs that has a 24/7 emergency hot line.

Customer Service