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Drinking Water Analysis

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Nothing is more important to protecting the public health than ensuring the safety of our nation’s drinking water supply. Appalachian States Analytical has been providing full drinking water testing services for over 30 years. Our clients including public and private utilities, other environmental testing laboratories, bottled water companies, governmental agencies and/or consulting firms and homeowners located throughout the United States.

Our lab has dedicated instrumentation to drinking water testing for all the regulated and nonregulated, organic and inorganic, and volatile compounds of concern.

Whether you need drinking water testing services for your public water supply system (PWS), or to test your bottled water products or source wells for compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act or Clean Water Act, ASA can assist you.

Full Laboratory Services for:    

  • Primary Organics (SOCs, VOCs)
  • Primary Inorganics
  • Unregulated Contaminants
  • Secondary Standards
  • Disinfection By-Products (HAAs, TTHMs, Oxyhalides)

Compliance Testing for:

  • Consumer Confidence Reporting (CCR)
  • Source Wells
  • Bottled Water / Beverage Products
  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • IBWA Appendices A&B / CBWA
  • Bacteriological Testing
  • USEPA / FDA / State Compliance
  • Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR)
  • Disinfection By-Products Rules
  • Support of NSF/ANSI Standards 42,44,53,58, 60, 61 & 62

Specialty Testing for:

  • Perchlorate
  • Radio Chemistry parameters
  • Dioxin by Method 1613
  • DWTU Product Testing


Appalachian States Analytical’s residential drinking water program’s goal is to promote well water testing and to educate home-owners on its importance. Appalachian States Analytical is accredited by the Kentucky & West Virginia Departments of Environmental Protection for drinking water analysis.

You should test your water annually for coliform bacteria and every three years for pH and total dissolved solids. If you are concerned about potential pollutants or if you are experiencing aesthetic problems such as staining, taste, or odor, more extensive testing is warranted. Pollutants that enter wells can often be linked to activities on the land surface such as mining, agriculture, or industry.

If you have one of these activities within sight of your home, you may wish to select a drinking water test package based on pollutants most commonly found in association with each activity. Or, if you have concerns about the potential contamination of your well from a near-by septic system, the Agriculture/Septic test package is recommended.

Finally, if you are experiencing aesthetic problems, you may want to test for the components that are primarily responsible for these. Individual drinking water analyses are also available.

Drinking Water Analysis